• Alloy steel tripod hub prevents mechanical wear
• Casework and tripod arms manufactured in SUS304 stainless steel
• Electromagnets for the lock are used only when activated. They are in standby mode when the device is idle.
• ZK patented compact mechanism ensures the long life of the lubricating oil inside.
• High-quality electrical components

Pro BG3000

• Humane interaction design. The standard case is equipped with an LED indicator and an LED light strip is optional for the boom.
• Mean Cycles Between Failure (MCBF) has reached 5 million times. Product lifespan is 10 times longer than traditional barrier gates.
• Gate’s opening/closing speed is lightning-fast and can widely adjust from 0.9s-10s, depending on vehicle flow and boom length.
• Good temperature resilience. Able to work under -40°C—+ 75°C outdoor.
• Small abrasion, no mechanical impact, and impact absorption in motion.
• Boom will be automatically raised when power is off, no need for manual operation.
• Boom will stop or return when encounters blockage. Standard package with impact-resistance rubber strip.
• Installation and boom’s direction switching are easy and can be done on-site.
• Support fleet mode and open recording function. Gate will close after the vehicle sensor has detected a specified amount of vehicle pass.
• Support a wide range of 100-240V DC and 24V batteries.
• Low power consumption and energy-saving design, the barrier gate can save ~500kWh per year.


• Portable metal detector, convenient to take.
• It can be recharged. It needs 4-6 hours for charging. (standard 9V battery, the charger, and rechargeable battery are ordered additional)
• The alarm terms are sound and light alarm simultaneously, or vibration and light alarm simultaneously. You can choose the operating terms optionally.
• When the low sensitivity on-off is pressed, the metal detector will only alarm when it finds a big metal object
• Ni-MH Battery and DC charge cable (for option)


• Pseudo-color image
• Widely usable for carry-on baggage
• Excellent, ergonomic industrial design


• New generation fingerprint recognition algorithm
• Robust and safe anti-theft mortise design
• Wide touchpad screen with tempered glass material
• Voice guide for easier and more convenient use
• With random passwords for more security
• Illuminated keypad for easy and quick operation after dark
• Various access for your convenience fingerprint/password/card/mechanical key
• Idle handle design to prevent forcible entry
• Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation
• Support passage mode Normal open
• User data synchronization
• Turn handle upward to lock deadbolt
• External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery
• Remote open door is optional
• Reversible design to fit for all door open direction


• Fingerprint sensor
• RFID card
• Remote control
• No hole drilling required
• Micro USB power port
• Low battery warning


• Unlock and manage the lock from anywhere via a smartphone
• Easy to operate; support English, Spanish, and Portuguese
• Fast verification for dry and rough fingers
• Secure your passcode from prying eyes
• Share digital keys valid for a specific time to friends or guests
• Receive real-time notifications of low battery, hijack, and offline
• Provide a higher level of security and protection
• Fit for all door opening directions


• Various access for your convenience - fingerprint/ password/card/key/smartphone
• European standard mortise - the door locks by itself once close
• Enhanced security by a random password for code access
• Idle handle design to prevent forcible entry
• Voice guide for easier and more convenient use
• Voice volume is adjustable
• Smart alarm for low battery & illegal operation
• Normal open mode
• External terminals to draw back-up power from a 9V battery


• All normal users (other than admin)will be locked out
• Unlock your door using dedicated mobile app on your smartphone
• Support super thinness of30 mm.
• Easy to program, support Portuguese, Spanish, English
• Anti- peep design, enhanced code security
• include high volume, low volume and silent mode
• Low battery warning & illegal operation warning
• Emergency battery port of 9V

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